Monday, December 04, 2006


We Invite you to participate in this experimental stage of the workshop "Change the world dancing" . This project solidarises with the Juan Paillalef Community, as they fight for their human and land rights.(

There are no fix prices, as this project is organized by
Mapundial and supported by volunteers that wish toshare their knowledge of dance and support the Juan Paillalef Mapuche community.

This project works on donation and a barter system:

Money donations: As much as you can or wish to contribute per class.

Barter System: Runs according to the nessecities of the community needes, ie- Computers, clothe, tools, ect.)

Exchange: Students can also exchange workshops for volunteer work (1 to 2 hour p/w) this may be handing out information, supporting actions, organising benefit parties, concerts and/or performances. (your input will be apreciated.)

Using art as a means to help human rights abuses, we can also offer a physical space for your project in the upcoming Mapundial ( activities, or activities organised by Stichting Patchamama (

Mapundial is an ONG founded to spread the knowledge and culture of the Mapuche-indians and to realise projects in Chili in collaboration with Mapuche-organisations and communities to improve their rights.

The Mapuche are the original habitants of the territory today known as Chile.The Mapuche are not constitutionally recognised as a people. As a reaction to this situation, various mapuche-communities have united themselves
in a network to defend the human rights of the indigenous people.


For women: shoes with high heels, without a pointy nose.
For men: shoes that won’t stick to the floor when turning.

Sunday, 3 december. 18.00h
Sunday, 10 december 18.00h
Sunday, 17 december 18.00h
Sunday, 7 january 18.00h
Sunday, 14 january 18.00h
Sunday, 21 january 18.00h
Sunday, 28 january 18.00h

Sara Burgerhartstraat 25 - XI , Amsterdam (building Eisevier, try to be before 18.00h)
limited vacancies
rsvp: 20 people
06-4125 0830


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